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Community Plan

All Big Local areas publish Community Plans that set out how they plan to spend their £1million within their local community.  Community plans must be based on research and consultation with local people and organisations, and are individual to each Big Local area.  Each of the 150 Big Local areas will have different needs and aspirations and their Community Plans will reflect this.  A Community Plan can cover any period of time from 6 months to a number of years and most Big Local areas will publish three or more plans during their 10 year programme.  

Our first Community Plan was based on research and consultation that was started in 2011; the resulting Plan was published in September 2014 and covered two years.    In early 2016 we asked local people for feedback about our progress, and for ideas for the future, and this information was used to develop our second Community Plan.  This was published in September 2016 and will run until August 2019.  

These 6 key areas for investment in our second Community Plan are known as our 'Community Aspirations', and are shown below:

Community aspirations diagram feb 17


You can download both our current and our original Community Plans by clicking on the links below.  


We are always looking for feedback about our plan and ideas for future developments and would welcome any comments and suggestions.  Get in touch today


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